My Favorite Project Management Platforms

If you are trying to find a more productive way to manage your projects, you are reading the right blog post! In this post I will be talking about tools that assist you and your team to be more effective and organized so the project is easier to navigate. My goal is to not only it is easier for your to coordinate with your team but also to help narrow than your search of what works best. I have included three of the platforms that I’ve worked with and have loved, of course for various reasons.

Project Planning: nTask

One of my favorite project planning tools is the nTask; an online project management tool designed and created for teams, freelancers and professionals in a host of industries . It offers a simplified interface in front of highly robust software application that incorporates powerful and sophisticated features to facilitate project management in all stages. Did I mention that it’s FREE? The pro version is only $2.99 per user which offers Unlimited workspaces, Unlimited team members, Unlimited storage space, and larger file attachment size. I have attached a snapshot of the features that are offered on nTask in comparison with other software and platforms available on the market today.

Remote teams: Zoom

For those team members and clients that are unable to meet in the same room Zoom is a great alternative. It moves beyond a desktop-based chat software and allows for a detailed virtual webinars and conferencing collaboration. Zoom is affordable, easy-to-use, and VERY scalable.

Documentation and Evaluation: Monday

Last and not least my absolute favorite: This is a team management solution to connect people to workplace processes, for companies of all sizes, across any industry. It is a simple but intuitive tool that enables people to manage work, meet deadlines, and build a culture of transparency. A single board allows them to see who is working on what, instantly providing information on where things stand. Users are able to track what the team is working on, consequently empowering them to achieve their goals and have fun while getting things done. Do you want another reason to sign up with Monday?! Monday works well with other platforms such as:

We live in a modern world and can take advantage of many tools and platforms to increase our productivity. Today I have shared my favorites with you. Please let us know through the comments sections what are your favorite project management tools and why?


Fara Jafeh, April 2019

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