Our Core Values

We are problem solvers. 

Being right is nothing; knowing why you’re right is everything.

We master communication in every engagement.

Business driven balance between quality and quantity.

Team Competencies

We are problem solvers and know that no one is familiar with each industry problem more than those who have worked and experienced problems first hand, following their experienced leaders, falling many times before succeeding. Therefore, we know we are given a heavy task of research and making ourselves fluent with the past and current industry developments. This includes engagements with domain experts, talks, events and being up to date with the current publications.

On the other hand, our data scientists have hands on working knowledge of creating advanced statistical models and in particular machine learning algorithms; data cleaning, data mining, data clustering, data transformation and pattern recognition methodologies, natural language processing from development through testing, validation and deployment.

Meet The Team

FarzanPresident and Chief Data Scientist
SamVP of Sales
FaraVP of Operations
ChangsongData Scientist
PouyaSystem Engineer
LynnData Scientist
KayvanData Scientist